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cardiostrong fitness equipment: your workout success is our drive

cardiostrong fitness equipment is optimised for workouts at home: easy to use, with excellent motion control, space-saving, and chic. Those attributes and the first-class price-performance ratio of cardiostrong fitness equipment are therefore also reflected in cardiostrong's four promises: production promise, innovation promise, training promise, and design promise. The workout success of trainees is the drive and motivation for cardiostrong fitness equipment.
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cardiostrong - innovative designs for effective workouts

Whether treadmill, cross-trainer, or ergometer – hardly any manufacturer offers so much elegance and innovation in fitness equipment as cardiostrong. Fitness equipment by cardiostrong is characterised by timeless design, compact construction, intuitive operation, and sensibly developed innovations.

Since cardiostrong fitness equipment ensures a high degree of ergonomics, it is particularly comfortable and creates a great workout feeling thanks to its smooth movements. The use of high-quality, durable materials in manufacturing and precise workmanship, down to the smallest detail, guarantee the longevity of cardiostrong fitness equipment.

cardiostrong fitness equipment – with the experience of Europe's No. 1 for home fitness

As a registered trademark of Sport-Tiedje GmbH, cardiostrong fitness equipment benefits from over 30 years of experience in the home fitness sector. Above all, customer feedback flows into the development and configuration of cardiostrong fitness equipment. That feedback, together with the experience of Europe's largest fitness equipment distributor, means that cardiostrong can always offer a range of equipment that perfectly suits everyone who wants to work out at home.

The production quality is crucial

With cardiostrong fitness equipment, special emphasis is placed on the quality of the materials. Here, too, the focus is clearly on the ideal conditions for home use: for example, the motors of the treadmills are particularly quiet, and the frame structures are made of high-quality steel and very carefully processed. All cardiostrong treadmills feature simple folding mechanisms and transport wheels.

The production of our equipment occurs at the most renowned manufacturers worldwide. A dedicated quality management team based in Taiwan ensures consistent compliance with our high standards. The result is high-quality equipment and very satisfied customers.

The cardiostrong promise

cardiostrong fitness equipment promises high quality in terms of user comfort, training effectiveness, and durability. For that, cardiostrong has formulated four fitness equipment promises.

Production promise

Every single cardiostrong fitness device is completely pre-assembled once during production and checked for any defects. Only flawless fitness equipment leaves the factory and is delivered to the customer. A dedicated quality assurance team is based in Taiwan and also regularly checks deliveries before they leave the factory. That way, cardiostrong can ensure that trainees receive visually and technically flawless fitness equipment delivered to their homes.

Innovation promise

cardiostrong fitness equipment is always state of the art, meaning trainees can always work out with the best and latest fitness equipment. For that, the developers and buyers of cardiostrong always take note of the zeitgeist. Not only does cardiostrong fitness equipment always represent the trend of the times visually; there are also technical world premieres to admire. The cardiostrong TX40e treadmill features the world's first electric folding mechanism. And the EX90 Plus cross-trainer is the first cross-trainer with a continuously adjustable stride length.

Training promise

Workouts at home should be comfortable, easy, and effective. That is what cardiostrong fitness equipment is optimised for. The equipment should be easy to handle: For that, cardiostrong fitness equipment is very accessible and very easy to use – the best prerequisite for a quick, successful start to training. Thanks to optimal biomechanics, working out on cardiostrong equipment is not only easy on the joints; it is also highly comfortable.

To make losing weight even more effective, the top models of the cardiostrong cross-trainers have an increased flywheel mass. That is, the flywheel mass is above the treads. In a fitness equipment test conducted by the Institute for Biomechanics in Sports at the Technical University of Munich, it was found that cross-trainers and elliptical trainers of that design generate a higher calorie consumption.

Design promise

The distinctly refined cardiostrong design is not only purely external. The chic fitness equipment is also optimised to fit well into the living environment in terms of space. It is designed under the premise of the smallest possible footprint with the highest possible training quality. That is why cardiostrong fitness equipment easily fits into any home. A lot of cardiostrong fitness equipment is now available as a Black Edition in addition to the classic colour scheme.
cardiostrong® is a registered trademark of Sport-Tiedje GmbH.
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