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Pools for any garden

Leisure fun for the whole family

Give up swimming this summer? Not a chance! With the pools for your own garden, you can bring the beach feeling, swimming pool and bathing fun to your home.

In the summer, a pool on your doorstep is a real blessing. After work, you can enjoy a nice refreshment in the pool, relax in the whirlpool or let the kids run wild in the paddling pool.

Whether its relaxation, endurance training or playing fun -
The pool in your own garden
with our pool selection, you are guaranteed to find the right model for you (and your family).

A pool for the whole family will keep you fit while playing, it is easy on the joints, strengthens the muscles and at the same time, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Safe splashing fun
With a pool for the whole family, you can keep fit while playing, save your joints with aqua aerobics or simply swim a few laps to strengthen your muscles and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Also, unlike the beach or swimming pool, the pool at home is a safe place to swim. There are two reasons for this. In your own garden, you always have your children in sight, so you can sit back with peace of mind.

Relaxation for home
At the same time, it is also a more pleasant place for you to bathe, as you can indulge in the pleasure of bathing undisturbed.

With us, you will find everything from paddling pools, whirlpools to large swimming pools, everything that a keen swimmer's heart desires.

Accessories for even more playing fun

The matching accessories ensure even more fun while swimming or splashing around.
Swim ring

If you want to float around the pool and sunbathe in a relaxed way, a lilo is just what you need. You will please your children with an an inflatable animal or a fun swim ring. Or how about just buying the doughnut print swim ring for yourself?
Buoyancy aid

For non-swimmers, we recommend the use of a buoyancy aid. So even the little ones can join you in the pool and are well protected.

Care set
For optimal care of the pool, there is a wide selection of filters and care sets in our store. So your pool will always look good and the water will stay clean.

For those who like to go to the sea or have a large pool, we recommend a stand-up paddle board or inflatable boat. With this, the bathing fun is pre-programmed and you are also active in sports.

What should I look for when buying a pool?

The size of the pool

Pool size
Before you decide on a pool, you should consider who will primarily use the pool. Is the pool intended for your children who do not swim yet? Then it is best to choose an inflatable paddling pool or a small pool in which your children can stand. Will you use the pool yourself? If you like swimming, we recommend choosing a large pool, in which you will have the opportunity to swim lengths. You want to relax in the water? Then a whirlpool is just the thing for you.

Basically, before buying, you should consider whether the users of the pool are swimmers or non-swimmers and weigh up your choices based on this criterion. Another purchasing criterion is, of course, the available space. Before buying, check how much space you have for the pool.

The right care

Test strips
To enjoy your private pool in the long term, it is important to clean it regularly. You will get the best cleaning effect with a sand filter system or a cartridge filter that only needs to be cleaned occasionally. These filters sieve the water in the pool and catch the coarse dirt from the water. In addition, we recommend that you clean the pool yourself at regular intervals. Cleaning the pool works optimally with a pool maintenance set. To ensure the correct quality in your pool or spa, we offer test strips that you can use to check pH, for example.


Protection for the pool

With a cover, the water stays clear, because it protects your pool optimally from leaves, insects and other foreign bodies. This effectively protects your pool from coarse contamination. At the same time, a cover reduces evaporation in the pool and keeps the water warm.

The right place for the pool

It is best to place the pool in a sunny area, as this is where the water warms up the fastest. Also, make sure that the pool is far away enough from trees and bushes, so that neither leaves nor branches can fall into the pool.
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