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Table tennis

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Table tennis - get in shape as easy as anything

Playing table tennis makes a lot of fun - and keeps in shape. Demand of reaction, speed, and body control especially support and demand your body. The match also supports the stamina - mainly when it takes a bit longer.

Suitable for any age: table tennis as leisure sport and competition

Because of its playful character and its health-supporting effect, table tennis is very popular for any age. Table tennis can be done as sporty leisure activity or as competition - and is an ideal compensation for a sitting occupation.

Which equipment is required for playing table tennis ?

You just need a table tennis board, bats, and table tennis balls to do actively this great sport. Then the match can begin. We exclusively offer high-quality sports equipment of established table tennis manufacturers like Kettler, Cornilleau, and Sponeta as well as further renowned manufacturers - so you will have a lasting and great pleasure with your table tennis equipment.

Which table tennis board should be bought - indoor or outdoor ?

When you want to play outside for good weather with your table tennis baord, you should definitely choose an outdoor table tennis board. When you want to exercise like under real competition conditions inside, an indoor board is the right choise.

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