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Vibration plates: Space technology for your training at home

Vibration training originated in the 1960s. Russian scientists wanted to counteract muscle atrophy and reduction of bone density of cosmonauts during longer space stys by means of this innovative training method. The results were amazing. Today many further positive effects and use possibilities of vibration training are known. It's not surprising that many home fitness sportsmen use the advantages of vibration training, besides top athletes, celebrities, and health institutes - either as single training type or as addition to the traditional cardiovascular and strength training.
Keeping in mind that a training session with a vibration plate just takes about 20 minutes, vibration training is not just effective but very time efficient.

Different types of vibration plates

The price start begins with vibration plates which come without stand and in smallest format. The required space for such vibration plates is less than 0.5 sqm. The relatively low weight of less than 20 kg allows you to store the vibration plate quickly and easily after the training. For a short training in between such a light weight can also be used at the office.
Kleine Vibrationsplatte
Small vibration plates offer an easy start
Much more wide-spread than mini plates, which are mainly suitable for starting vibration training or as addition to other sports types, are the vibration plates with stand. In general, these have a much more powerful motor. The motor of a vibration plate determines the strength and quality of the vibrations. Vibration plates of the upper class are often equipped with two motors, at best with AC motors. Besides the first-class vibration generation, AC motors feature a very long durability and a low noise generation while exercising.
Due to stronger, more effect vibrations, a vibration plate with stand requires a high stability and sturdiness.
Due to the bigger floor space, the materials of higher quality and the sturdier frame design, such vibration plates often meet these requirements. A good level for evaluating stability is the maximum weight loadability. In general: the higher the maximum user weight, the more stable and more durable is the vibration plate.
A very good guide for stability of the vibration plate offers the Fitshop test rating. We have tested all vibration plates and evaluated the stability with stars. Find these indications on the detail pages of the single products.

Advice on equipment, settings, and programmes

It should also be focussed on equipment and setting features for further differentiation of the quality of vibration plates. Many vibration plates already offer preset training programmes for a maximum of user comfort: from muscle building programmes for upper part, lower part or whole body to stretching and receovery programmes.
Programmes with training instructions
Advanced vibration plate with programme display
The preset programmes are set so that the training paramters frequency (of up and down movement per second), amplitude (= length of up and down movement in mm), and training time custom-fit for every training target. It enables an effective vibration training - especially for beginners.

Our tip: Vibration plates with user programmes

Some vibration plates are equipped with individually definable user programmes. Using those, own (favourite) programmes can be set. Here, the already mentioned training parameters should be adjustable in appropriate steps in order to achieve the desired training effect. According to current studies, it's like that with the frequency: while frequencies from 20 to 30 Hz provide best effectivity for muscle tightening and muscle building, higher frequencies stimulate more the connective tissue structures (massage). An increase in blood flow and a loosening of tensed muscles are positive effects.

Vibration plates with exercise instructions

Vibration plate with second control panel
Vibration plate with second control panel
Ideally, the single exercises of a training are illustrated with instructions on a big, clear display for easy imitating. A second control panel at the bottom of the stand is recommended for exercises in sitting or lying position in order to do programme settings comfortably from the exercising surface (which should be as big as possible).
A good equipment is completed by accessory like exercise tubes or floor mat, which increase the range and comfort of exercises once more.

How does vibration training work

Vibration training is quite easy. You stand on the platform, which makes your body vibrating. These vibrations present a highly efficient fitness programme for your body. A fitness programme that is as activating for your body as a common fitness training.

It sounds mysterious. Your body is simply trained by vibrations. What's behind all this?

Imagine you jump from a chair. When you touch the floor, numberless muscles are instinctively tensed. This principle is used by our vibration plates. The vibration plate lifts you up (not noticeable for the eye). When the plate is lowering then, your body tenses automatically all its muscles. This lifting and lowering is done countless times per second and you only notice it as pleasant vibration.
It means: While you stand loosely on the plate, your body does sporty maximum performances.

Why vibration training?

Vibration training achieves what we all want. You achieve targets in often less than 20 minutes, for which you required long and exhausting training sessions beforehand. Regular vibration training can:

Increase muscle power and strength-stamina

Due to vibration training 98 % of all muscle fibres are demanded. You achieve much more muscle fibres than with conventional training methods.

Optimise body fat percentage

By means of vibration trianing, you can support your metabolism activity. You can achieve a higher metabolic rate and reduce your fat tissue distinctively.

Lifting the connective tissue and stimulating the lymph system

Vibration training can stimulate the lymph circulation in the body. In addition, the metabolism can be stimulated and the connective tissue can be lifted.

Increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis

Due to the targeted demand of the body it is possible to increase the bone density. Special vibrations cause a strengthening of the bone tissue and activate the body cells.

Improve flexibility

An increase in blood flow caused by vibration can loosen tensions and muscle shortenings. It results a quick and effective increase in flexibility.

Improve coordination and balance

Your body counteracts the vibration of the plate instinctively. Thus you can unconsciously increase your balance and responsiveness. In addition, it might improve the interplay of single muscle groups.

Support metabolism

By means of vibration training, you can support the metabolism activity. Thus an increased blood flow of the body ensures, i. e., a better supply of single body parts.

Prevent injuries

Vibration training might prevent injuries. Besides strengthening the muscles, the flexibility and coordination can be improved as well.

Improve blood flow

Due to the vibration training even smallest vessels can be supplied with blood. The body gets an improved supply of oxygen. It results in an increase in performance and an increase in well-being.

Strengthen and stabilise ligaments and joints

Ligaments and joints are strengthened and stabilised by strengthening the respective muscle groups. Vibration training can provide such a strengthening and your body gets protected from injuries.

Improve posture

Vibration training demands single muscle groups precisely. Muscular weaknesses can be avoided - the posture is improved.
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