More strength, endurance, mobility, and motivation: with Taurus fitness equipment for maximum performance

Taurus Fitness equipment – designed for a maximum performance

The physical fitness consists of the factors strength, cardio, and flexibility. The premium brand Taurus offers the perfect equipment to train optimally these three factors and to achieve a maximum performance. Providing stable multi-gyms and a first-class selection of weigth benches, weights, and weight plates, Taurus offers fitness equipment for private and professional strength training rooms / gyms. Taurus cardio equipment from the compact elliptical cross trainer to professional indoor bikes and to commercial treadmills offer the perfect condition to achieve any training goal: lose weight, improve fitness or increase the maximum performance. In additiona, flexibility and regeneration are included in the training plan with Taurus fitness equipment: i. e., with fascia rollers, sling trainers or plyo boxes. The Taurus fitness equipment is completed by a high-quality range of boxing equipment for home use and for the training at boxing clubs.
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High-quality Taurus fitness equipment: by sportsmen for sportsmen

The Taurus range of fitness and sport equipment is designed for ambitious sportsmen at home, at the gym or business clients. The development of the equipment is always subject to the premisses to offer the customer a fitness equipment to improve his maximum performance. Taurus fitness equipment are developed in close cooperation with sportsmen and sports scientists. Because sportsmen know best what a perfect fitness equipment needs to be made of.

Taurus fitness equipment do not need any unnecessary frills. For a maximum performance, the focus on the training is important; Quality, efficiency, and maximum output count for Taurus fitness equipment. The equipment convince by an enormous stability to offer a high safety and long durability even for intensive use. All Taurus products are subject to highest quality standards: The treadmills, i. e., have an excellent absorption, the strength equipment is equipped with comfortable, thick upholsteries. Furthermore, many machines can be combined and increase distinctively the variety of exericses.

Taurus fitness equipment for cardio training

Cardio training is ideal for losing weight, for improving fitness, and for increasing performance. Taurus fitness equipment of the cardio line offer the perfect condition for an effective training at home. You train independently of weather and opening hours of the gym. The range includes elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, and indoor bikes. No matter which fitness type you are - you will find the appropriate fitness equipment here.

Equipment of Taurus Cardio are developed in close cooperation with sportsmen. That's how we can guarantee an excellent training quality: user-friendly computers, diversified programmes, and a sturdy workmanship, which also meets the requirements of ambitious sportsmen.

Taurus fitness equipment for strength training

The Taurus rage of strength training equipment includes multi-gyms, vibration platforms, and mainly an excellent selection of equipment for the weight training. Different compact weight models offer a great selection from 1.25 to more than 50 kg for gyms and private users. In addition, weight plates and bars with 30 or 50 mm are provided, which make even professional sportsmen happy. Taurus Strength Equipment is subject to continuous quality controls to ensure a constantly high quality. That's why Taurus strength equipment convinces where it is important regarding strength sports: Stability and durability, workmanship, safety, and an easy, comfortable use.

Taurus fitness equipment for flexibility and regeneration

Taurus does not only offer large equipment, but adds its offer of sports equipment by small equipment. That includes equipment for training flexibility and coordination, i. e., balance pads or sling trainers as well as equipment for a better regeneration, i. e., fascia rollers.

Taurus boxing equipment for anybody, who wants to keep in shape with boxing

The Taurus-Boxing range includes many products for keeping in shape or for getting prepared for the fight. Besides appropriate gloves and punching bags, we offer you a lot of equipment for martial arts training and fitness boxing. The classic speedball is included as well as our Taurus Boxing Man for a specific training of kick and punch combinations. Besides our gloves and boxing bandages, different focus mitts and punch pads provide safety. The skipping rope and medicine ball are also available, of course.

Fitness equipment for equipping professional fitness facilities

Quality without compromise and with highest efficiency for an exclusive training experience

A lot of Taurus fitness equipment is also suitable for the professional use at gyms or other professional fitness facilities. That includes, i. e., the 10.5 seris of the Taurus cardio equipment. High-quality materials and components, an excellent equipment as well as an optimum of comfort and safety characterise the Taurus commercial equipment. Sturdy frame constructions provide stability and resist even hardest loads. No matter whether its a rowing machine, an elliptical cross trainer, an indoor bike or a treadmill - the Taurus Commercial Line is designed for a long operating life. The powerful range is hence suitable for anybody, who applies highest demands on its training.

Taurus® is a registered brand of the Sport-Tiedje GmbH.
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